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Journey To Self-Love  Workbook

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Discover how much there is to love about yourself using this practical workbook for women after divorce and all women looking to increase their self-love. 


Hi Tribe!

I created the Self-Love Workbook to give you the tools and resources to get back in touch with yourself through self-love. This is an empowering workbook designed to teach, inspire, and increase your self-love. This downloadable PDF is the perfect resource for getting back in touch with yourself and learning how to love yourself more through engaging in exercises that increase self-love and discovering more about the various ways you can do so.

It’s my passion in life to help women find true happiness. I believe that your happiness always starts with you. How you see yourself, your self-worth, and if you truly love yourself on the inside and out. When you have, self-love, self-worth, self-care, and accept yourself as who you are to your core. Then you will gain true and lasting happiness which will transform who you are, the way you see the world, and all your relationships. 

This 41 page workbook is broken down into sections: 


-Welcome To your Journey 

-30 Day Self-Love Challenge

-Vision Board

-Vision Board Instructions
-25 Self-Love Affirmations

- Affirmations Journal page

- 15 Journal Prompts 
Daily self-love work with:

- 10 Self-Love Journal pages 

- 10 Journey to Self-Love Worksheets

- 10 Evening Reflections Worksheets 

Each different section and exercise is designed to inspire and challenge you in different ways increasing your self-love and self-confidence.

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