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About Sarah Eades 

Your strength does not come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming what you thought you could not.

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Sarah started her journey to becoming a Women's Transformational Life Coach after her life was flipped upside down in a short span of time from suffering a spinal cord injury, being diagnosed with multiple medical conditions, including MS, her mother passing away, and getting a divorce after a 13-year marriage.
After these events happened in her life, she made a choice to take her life back. She became an active participant in her own life and health and became more involved, educated, and invested in a healthy lifestyle. She took charge of every aspect of her life, including working one-on-one with a life coach, coaching classes, reading self-improvement books, and working on herself in any way she could. She jumped in with both feet and made the decision that no matter how hard it got, she would fight harder. Sarah chose to focus on the good in her life and let it drive her. She worked day and night on her body and mind. It wasn’t long before her interest in life transformation and health and wellness evolved into a true passion. Then, she ultimately became a Certified (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) NLP Life Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, and Certified in Meditation and Nutrition. Sarah's motto is, "No one should be defined by an illness or condition, life circumstance, relationship, or their past."​

"Everything I have been through has taught me something new and made me a stronger person throughout my journey. I have learned so many difficult and beautiful lessons along the road and I am thankful for all of them. All the things I have been through in my life has led me here to find my passion for helping women and becoming a Women's Transformational Life Coach. I am able to live my life’s purpose—Inspiring women after divorce to find and love themselves again, creating a life they love and live it every day and live my life every day like there is no tomorrow!"- Sarah Eades 

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Sarah Eades
The founder of Love Your Life Coaching LLC.
A Women's Transformational Life Coach.
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We are a tribe that survives  

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I remember the day that my marriage was over and I was moving out of our house like it was yesterday. I was packing up my things and my children and moving to a whole other state to restart my life. I struggled for a while to figure out my new life, as single a mom with two kids, co-parenting, learning to support myself financially and living with a disability and chronic illness on top of that. It took a long time for me to figure out my new life, who I was and to heal from my divorce. I was a completely different person now that everything about me had changed. I had to find myself and learn to love myself again. I found that learning acceptance was one of the most important and difficult steps toward releasing the past and truly healing. When I started taking these steps to heal and find myself again, it began a beautiful new chapter of my life. 

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